State #3 Delaware - Bellefonte Cafe - Haunted? home state, and the first state but not first in my year long 50 state tour. I'm sure there will be multiple gigs in Delaware but only the first one counts and that distinction goes to Bellefonte Café. Bellefonte Café, what can I say? Two years ago I was preparing to rehearse for a gig at Bellefonte when I slipped on the ice, fractured my elbow and got a concussion! My bandmates and I spent the night in the hospital instead of rehearsing. I will forever be grateful for them truly being there for me. For the better part of a year,  I struggled to recover use of  my arm and even completing a sentence! Every time that memory comes up on my FB feed, I experience a little PTSD. So it was with a great deal of trepidation that I booked Bellefonte Café exactly two years later ( even though I DID NOT fall there. I repeat, I DID NOT FALL THERE!) Well, Bellefonte Café, you are REDEEMED! We had an amazing night! The room was filled to capacity with advance reservations. (On a side note, our drummer Jeff's mom fell that week and fractured her leg in two places!!) And...while I was typing this blog, everything onscreen disappeared so I had to retype it! GEESH!

If you visit Bellefonte Café ( and really you SHOULD) they have a delicious menu with vegan and vegetarian options, local artwork gracing the walls and original local music most nights. This historic house café is a cute gem. Be sure to check out the story on the piano about the house, F. Scott Fitzgerald and the monkeys (real monkeys, not The Monkees.)