State #1 Hawaii - Lokahi-Kailua Market

My FIRST state on the 50 state tour was on Oahu in Hawaii. Hawaii is beautiful, but I was plagued by a flu which I caught enroute. Not having equipment and feeling quite sick made getting my sh*t together extremely difficult. Initially, I tried to buy keys on Craigslist but the place seemed so sketchy so I decided to go to Guitar Center in Pearl City. I was just about to buy all the cheapest equipment I could afford for my gig when the cashier mentioned I could RENT it! ALL of it for $29.99 plus $30 refundable deposit. This included keys, case, stand, stool, pedals AND all cords!! WOW! What a bargain and CRUCIAL info for my 50 state TOUR. 

My gig at Lokahi-Kailua Market went off without a hitch thanks to Michelle Horton. I am so grateful for the opportunity and all the PR while I was there. Hopefully I will get a chance to close out the tour and return to Oahu. Gonna be busy this year but can't wait to go back! If you are in Kailua, definitely visit this wonderful market on Sunday mornings full of sustainable products, coffees (macadamia nut...YUM!) If you say hello to woodworker and Ukulele maker Scott Carlson and Auntie Tutu.