Launching Tour of 50 States in 50 weeks December!

With much trepidation, I decided to go on a tour of ALL 50 states within a year! It seemed like a brilliant albeit crazy idea when I got this brainstorm. I initially announced this in end of October on Facebook and within 8 hours had contacts and venues to 31 states. This seemed like a good sign from the universe.  So today I am writing to you from Kailua, Hawaii. I arrived late last night my time but 5pm Hawaii time. Hawaii had been the hardest (so far) for me to pre-book because venues that I had been given contacts for either didn't respond or are no longer in business. But fortunately I finally got a great lead with Lokahi Kailua Market. I visit tomorrow to finalize details to play on December 8th! And today I walked to ChadLou's for coffee, struck up a conversation with a local and got three more contacts. So tonight I am heading to D'Vine Kailua Wine Bar in hopes of another chance to play. You should know I came with NO INSTRUMENTS so  that is another hurdle, renting or borrowing gear.

I plan to do the local states throughout winter (easier to drive to and keep teaching) then late spring/summer go North to New England and West. Hope to hit the lion's share of states in the summer and I need to average 4 a month. Keep checking the schedule as I add dates. I already have December 22 at Kennett Flash in Kennett Square, PA and January 4th, 2020 at Bellefonte Cafe, DE so that's three states so far...ONLY 47 TO GO!!

In the meantime, I am FINALLY finishing my "Save Our World" CD with Ritchie Rubini and Studio 825 and I recorded "Snow Day in Hawaii" scratch so I can do some video footage while I am here.