Lori Citro, Delaware-based singer/songwriter/pianist along with Bassist Clem DaVinci and Percussionist Jeff Dombchik form a rock/pop/funk trio with upbeat, original tunes.

Lori left her day job at DuPont Company in 2001 and has forged her way ever since as a singer/songwriter along with teaching piano and voice. Pursuing her dream has led to a Delaware Division of Arts fellowship, ASCAP plus awards and a 93.7 WSTW Hometown Heroes "Homey Award." Along with these accolades, she was recently included on grammy-winning producer Kevin Mackie's "Action Moves People United" CD, a benefit album for UNESCO-USFUCA. She also has a song inclusion on soon to be released indie movie "The Reprogramming of Jeremy."

Look for the trios upcoming CD release.